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Vehicle Service

What is a vehicle service? The term service means different things to different people and often gets thrown into the same category as brake repairs, tune ups or suspension repairs for example.

Vehicles all have different service schedules that depend on mileage, time and age. All manufacturers require different things to be checked, adjusted or replaced at different intervals throughout the vehicles life.

The cost of servicing varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle. Things such as air filters, spark plugs, drive belts and even the amount of oil the engine holds, are all different depending on the make or model.

At Eastern Bays Automotive, we advise customers on the cost and options associated with servicing their vehicle before any work is carried out. We don’t have “set price, one size fits all” services designed to attract people through the door only to discover later that the real cost was much more than expected. We have two standard service routines for vehicles that fall outside of the manufactures schedule, the lube service or the full service.

We can comprehensively service both European and Japanese vehicles and have specialised diagnostic equipment to cover most makes of vehicle on New Zealand roads.