Transmission Flushing

Manual gearboxes in vehicles in New Zealand seem to be greatly diminishing. 90% of vehicles we service and repair at Eastern Bays Automotive Ltd these days have automatic transmissions fitted. 20 years ago not much attention was paid to the fluid in transmissions, but with the numbers of automatics on the road today, the focus has changed and servicing the fluid has become a big priority.

A lot of manufactures don’t specify a fluid change interval in their maintenance schedules or say that the transmission is filled with lifetime fluid, but with the costs involved in overhauling worn out transmissions, we strongly recommend a transmission flush service around every 35,000km for most vehicles.

With automatic transmissions becoming more complex, there are a number of specialised fluids on the market to cater for all different models, from conventional, to DSG and CVT transmissions.

    Our transmission flush service comprises of:

  • Adding Wynns transmission flush solvent to transmission. (This is designed to break down dirt and varnishes in the transmission, torque convertor and cooler)
  • Running vehicle up to operating temperature and circulating solvent.
  • Connecting vehicle to our transmission flush machine and allowing the filters to remove contaminants.
  • Draining the old transmission fluid out of one cooler line while at the same time injecting new fluid in the return line. This ensures that 95% of the old fluid is replaced.
  • Adding synthetic conditioning fluid and setting fluid level.
  • Transmission oil filters can also be replaced on request.