Effective brakes are paramount for the safety of your vehicle.

At Eastern Bays Automotive, we can tend to all aspects of brake repair and maintenance.

When replacing brake pads, we recommend machining the brake rotors, or discs, to provide a true, flat surface for new the new pads to make contact. This ensures smooth, quiet brake operation and assures the new brakes bed in properly. As well as the brake pads, disc rotors also wear down over time and need replacing when the manufacturers specified minimum thickness is reached. We will accurately measure your rotors during a brake pad replacement and will advise you whether machining or replacement is the best option.

Uneven brake readings on a WOF check can cause your car to fail it's test. Sometimes a straight forward brake adjustment is all that is required but other times various problems in the hydraulic system can be to blame. Seized or leaking brake cylinders or faulty proportioning valves are common faults. We can diagnose and advise you on any faults relating to uneven brake readings and rectify the problem.

Regular brake fluid changes ensure your brakes will operate effectively and extend the life of hydraulic components in your vehicle. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air which in turn causes corrosion in the brake system. Moisture in the fluid can also cause the brakes to fade in high temperature situations. If you do a lot of towing, regular brake fluid changes are a must.

ABS fault lights are a frequent cause of WOF failures. We have diagnostic equipment to aid us in locating and repairing faults in the Anti-Locking Brake system in most vehicles.